Ghost Division
The one and only Sabaton tribute

Ghost Division is a tribute band founded in 2009 by six men from the Netherlands who have the Swedish power metal running through their veins. A fun fact is that Pär Sundström, the bass player of Sabaton, actually came up with the name “Ghost Division”. From 2010 till 2014 the band hit the stage with their camouflage pants to show the world the upcoming music of Sabaton. In 2011 the band participated in “the clash of the cover bands” and made it up to the semifinals!

Due to the departure of two bandmembers the band had a little pause. There was never a real farewell to the crowd until 2016. At this moment the idea came up to give one last show to say goodbye to everyone and stop with the band. While preparing for this last gig at “Hrieps Muziekfestival 2017” the members of Ghost Division noticed that the Swedish fire was not ready to burn out yet! What was meant to be the last gig became their best gig ever so the decision to keep the band running was easily made. To complete the band they found a new guitarist and drummer and went back into the rehearsal studio to work on new songs and shows! With the new formation the band invested in professional gear and stage performance and due to the contacts that Ghost Division has with Sabaton the show is being more and more perfected to bring the crowd the ultimate experience!

Ghost Division is more than ready to bring you a night full of  the Swedish power metal of Sabaton!

We hope to see you soon!

Meet the only Sabaton tribute in the world:
Erik Dolstra – Lead vocals
Tom Dekkers – Lead guitar + backing vocals
Joey Wouters – Rhythm guitar + backing vocals
Peter Wijling – Keys
Roy de Prenter – Bass
Berry Oonincx – Drums

Sabaton is a Swedish power metal band mainly characterized by lyrics that are almost exclusively about war. The band released their first demo in 1999 and has produced eight studio albums since then. Ghost Division brings you a varied setlist which covers the entire Sabaton discography in which the most recent work is not being avoided!